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Coffee Pro 10-12 Cup Stainless Steel Brewer - $64.63

Stainless steel coffeemaker features a fresh water system to deliver rich, full-flavored coffee. Easy-to-use control panel lets you quickly enjoy fresh, consistent coffee any time of day. Delay brew allows you to prepare your next batch in advance and start brewing exactly when you want. Auto shutoff ensures safe use and minimizes energy consumption for cost-effective performance.

Coffee Pro 3-burner Commercial Brewer Coffee - $823.95

Commercial brewer allows you to adjust the brew time and temperature to brew the perfect cup of coffee. Three separate warming plates keep your coffee at an optimal temperature for lasting enjoyment. Two included decanters are made with a contoured handle to ensure you maintain a secure grip and prevent spills. With its institutional design and stainless steel frame, this brewer wipes down easily for quick cleanings.