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This is only one example of the many vintage classic comic books you can find here----**THE STUFF OF LEGEND** This auction features the first *FIVE* original, universally recognizable, virtually IMPOSSIBLE to find issues of SUPERMAN #1-5, first printed in Summer-Fall 1939. These are in a word, the indisputable Holy Grails of all comics, past and present. Now, here at last is the unprecedented opportunity for you to affordably own, not one, but ALL FIVE of the VERY FIRST ISSUES of this spectacular Golden Age pulp icon Each issue a venerable American Institution unto itself. These magnificent SUPERMAN #1-5 issues defy description and exemplify some of the best conceptual panel art and writing to come out of the Golden Age of comics. More importantly, these FIVE issues boast the most famous and universally recognizable not to mention remarkably ICONIC comics covers ever produced, be it during the Golden Age, or at any time ever since. Historically, the SUPERMAN saga had its beginning as just one of several anthology features in the National Periodical Publications (DCs Precursor) comic book ACTION COMICS #1 (June 1938). A runaway success, the new feature proved so hugely popular that National wasted no time in launching the SUPERMAN character into his own self-titled comic book, SUPERMAN the FIRST such for ANY SUPERHERO premiering in Summer 1939. From its triumphant debut, the SUPERMAN comics series has proven so pervasive and enduring across an incredible span of eight decades, that the ever-present cover image of the original SUPERMAN #1 (1939) in of itself, unquestionably ranks as one of the most reproduced, parodied, sought-after, and highly acclaimed comic book covers of all time, instantly recognized the world over, and having long achieved the status of a bona fide American pop-culture icon. Thanks very much for checking out these FIVE phenomenal books. Please review the auction terms below and feel free to ask any questions.

This is only an example!!**PRESENTING A ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME, GOLDEN AGE OPPORTUNITY** Hardly in need of any introduction, is this SPECTACULAR, never-before-seen, ORIGINAL 1940s First Print Collectors Set of *BATMAN* #1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 YES, ALL TEN (10) are Original *FIRST PRINT* (!) Issues *CGC-GRADED SIGNATURE SERIES* EACH ONE Signed by the ORIGINAL Golden Age *BATMAN* Artist himself, none other than the LIVING LEGEND, *JERRY ROBINSON* Yes folks, these are Actual *FIRST PRINTS* of the ground-breaking Golden Age Superhero title that, along with DCS SUPERMAN SERIES, quite literally launched the Modern Comic Book IndustryThis Magnificent & Unprecedented Set features the VERY FIRST appearances ever of the Dark Night in his own comic series, as brought to life by legendary BATMAN Creators BOB KANE & BILL FINGER, & IMMORTALIZED by the Iconic Cover Art of *JERRY ROBINSON* *GOLDEN AGE OPPORTUNITIES* LIKE THIS: To own the FIRST *10* ISSUES of an American Pop-Culture Phenomenon Bona fide PILLARS of Comic Book History Are FEW & FAR in Between & RARELY if EVER come along No less are you EVER AGAIN likely to see ANYTHING like this: EACH one of these issues *CGC-CERTIFIED FINE-VF* GRADED & *SIGNED* by none other than *JERRY ROBINSON* the ORIGINAL ARTIST himself-- What are you waiting for Do you really want to let these *10 KARAT DIAMOMDS* pass you by? You know for a FACT that these RARE & PRICELESS books, (10) ICONS of comic book history, published over SEVENTY (70) YEARS AGO (!) are NOT going to last Here today, GONE tomorrow So dont think about it too long Grab them NOW or make us an OFFER we cant refuse, BEFORE they disappear for good & you end up regretting it forever